The Hollow Earth: New NASA IMAGE Video Shows Aurora Australis Streaming from South Polar Opening

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New NASA IMAGE Video Shows Aurora Australis Streaming from South Polar Opening

In the above still captured from the new NASA IMAGE aurora australis video a faint tail or arc is visible streaming from the surface of the Antarctic continent precisely where the south polar opening is located. The stream of charged particles emanate from this opening in the Earth's mantle until it hits the ionosphere where it then "ignites" into the familiar auroral display.

In this video still, precisely where the "tail" or arc in the first snapshot emanates from the surface of Antarctica, a hole or black zone is visible in the center of the aurora australis. This is the exact point where the aurora is pouring through the south polar opening in the Earth's crust.

When you watch the video of the aurora australis, allow it to load, then run the cursor back slowly to watch the video frame by frame and observe how it pours from the Earth's southern opening.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent work Shilo. I am a Sports Medicine Doctor. The earth is exactly like our human cells. The extracellular fluids that bathe the cells are controlled by Sodium chloride (in the earth's case as a "cell", NaCl-hygroscopic-is the controller of the oceans on the external surface). The intracellular fluids (inside the cell) are fresh water controlled by Potassium chloride the main controlling mineral salt of chlorophyll (hence the "green paradise" inside the earth).In an osmotic process the NaCl moves thru the cell wall from outside and the KCl moves from inside out. This is called the Na-K pump.This causes electrolysis hence these cell salts are called electrolytes & you find them in Gatorade & other sports drinks. Ferrum Phosphate is the mineral salt controlling the cell wall. The electrolysis releases DC current which magnetizes the Fe (iron)and causes a magnetic North & South on the cell & a resting potential of 80-90 millivolts on average(organ -muscle-nerve cells differ slightly). All body generation warmth is caused by the ignition of phosphorus in the presence of oxygen. Like striking a match head (which has phosphorus)causes a flame. Iron Phosphate (Ferrum Phos in the Health Food stores) is the pre-eminent Biochemic Tissue salt of the 12 discovered by Dr W G Schuessler in 1888. DC current from Electrolysis flowing thru iron causes the iron to become magnetic. Magnetism spun in a circle causes electricity(like a dynamo on a child's bike causes the headlight to light up).Imagine the earth like a bucket with water in it and holes in its side rotating at speed. The water will be forced out the sides. The same with the earth. Volcanoes usually happen when acid lands meet alkali lands (eg the still above sea-level ramparts of the ancient land of Lemuria in the Pacific ocean - an old alkali land - meeting the emerging young acid American Continent = San Andreas Fault).As the white hot rocks become exceedingly fluid the water pressure from underneath makes its pathway up to the top of the new forming "mountain" and creates another eternal spring flowing down a mountain. Nearly all our permanent rivers are formed this way-Nile-Amazon-Orinoco-Zambesi-Danube etc.There are saltwater streams and fresh water streams under the earth as every water drilling rig will tell you.The release of the energy of electrolysis in a cell tags nicely onto the proposed explanation of the energy released from the rims of the holes at the poles of the earth instead of from the Solar Stream.There is so much more but that will do for now. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure would like to hear more from Barry of Austrailia. Possibly in a more detailed comprehensive form. Is that possible? Love your fascinating description of our Mother Earth and human biology connection.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

barry i love the way you think. i wish i could chat with you, for hours!
tamara-las vegas

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Nina said...

That was an interesting association, Barry. "As above, so below" From the microcosm to the macrocosm these associations make sense and validate some of the theories regarding the possibility of earth being hollow. I appreciate all Shilo's work here and your comments as well. This is a most intriguing subject and one that is kept so undercover. Some of the NASA footage Shilo has shared seems obvious to me where the aurora is coming from. This is a great find! I have felt for many years that the aurora borealis could be coming from inside rather than caused by the outer sun. Every planet in our solar system has these auroras at their poles, no matter what distance they are from the sun or their angle - and the photos of Saturn are amazing as they really show an opening, an 'eye' into the planet! Thanks for all the sharing! Keep up the good work. Nina

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you just imagine the life that is there? Maybe these "aliens" in ufos are just the advanced beings that share the earth with us. All these ancient civilizations that went missing... Hmm I think we found them!

9:28 AM  

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