The Hollow Earth: Arctic Pilots Confirm North Polar Entrance

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Arctic Pilots Confirm North Polar Entrance

Ivars, a friend of Rodney Cluff, interviewed a seasoned pilot who explains that it is indeed impossible to fly over the north pole as there is a huge hole where the north pole should be. The pilot goes on to explain how a plane flying into or near this massive hole at the north pole will have their instruments "freak" out as they cannot make sense of the fact that north is no longer north and that the aircraft is beginning a descent into the center of the planet. The pilot also remarks that, if asked, he will deny any comments made with regards to the subject of the hollow earth as he values his career.

This video is yet one more indicator of the massive cover-up campaign the governments and militaries of the world have long been engaged in to keep the masses ignorant and locked into their daily grind which effectively constitutes a prison of the mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word? So, instrumental failure and erratic behavior means your close!
What is the best method of penetration?
Without flight capability, is repelling or perhaps a chute required?
If not is it because of a reduction or no gravitational force?

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An excellent video, thank you for sharing. I agree, there must be some sort of cover-up going on, the evidence is just too clear.

This page sums up my opinions well: Hollow Earth Theory

6:57 PM  

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