The Hollow Earth: Living Waters

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Living Waters

When Olaf Jansen and his father explored the regions of the inner earth for 2 years, he remarked that the air had an electric quality about it. He and his father also noted that they never slept better, awoke more refreshed or experienced greater vitality than the 2 years they lived among the inhabitants of the hollow earth. The ancient Greeks spoke of the Hyperboreans who lived in the land at the poles, beyond the north wind and lived great lifespans of 1,000 years! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could create the same bio-energetic field which the inhabitants of the inner realms enjoy that imparts such great vitality, length and quality of life? Well, it turns out that we can!

The electric universe model indicates that all celestial bodies are electric, especially and including our sun. We biological beings are also electric. Indeed it is no less than the energy of lightning which animates the very membranes of our mitochondrial cells which are the site of energy creation and synthesis by an enzyme called ATP synthase. In The Vital Question a book regarding the origins or "spark of life", Nick Lane, an acclaimed microbiologist and evolutionary theorist writes that life could not possibly have evolved without the presence of an electric field or voltage differential. In fact, most if not all of the tenable theories for how microbial life could have possibly emerged, have to do with electricity as one of their fundamental ingredients. Without it life could not have arisen nor continued to thrive on this planet.

Is it any wonder, then, that placing a biological lifeform in a mild electrostatic field could have powerful health benefits. There has been a significant amount of research in electroculture. Electroculture is the practice of placing plants in a mild electrostatic field (DC or direct current as opposed to AC or an alternating electric potential or field) and observing the new rate of growth. It has been shown repeatedly in thousands of experiments by a large spectrum of researchers, botanists, gardeners and farmers that plants have no less than a 25 - 40% increased growth rate and overall size increase when grown in a biologically friendly electrostatic or DC field. Electroculture is being seriously investigated for its potential with hydroponic solutions to growing crops in space.

What would happen if we were to apply this field to the human body? The human body is 70% water. Water is a highly polar molecule so when it is exposed to an electrostatic field, like iron filings in a magnetic field, the water molecules line up or "zip" together into long chains of polar molecules. It's as if all the water molecules fall into a very organized state of attention. What you end up with is something called coherent or structured water. So what you say? As the terse yet potent saying goes, "Order is Power." Let's look at an example of laser light. What makes laser light so special? Laser light is, by definition, a coherent or highly structured or organized beam of light. This coherent structure gives it high signal to noise fidelity. What this means is that because of the low noise level of the laser light, it has very high bandwidth or can hold an extremely high amount of information.

Now back to water. In 1998 there were several experiments performed around the world showcasing the enormous potential of water to store information (The Field, Lynne McTaggart). Dr. Emoto of Japan also showed that if you pray over water or project energy through voice and intention into water, it affected its physical form! So, when you place water into an electrostatic field and induce a very ordered or coherent state (essentially formatting the water energy content and reducing the noise through a highly ordered structure) it is now ready to receive your pure intention or information.

Some say that life is nothing more than a combination of structure (order) and information (intent). With this knowledge we can create living water. As the water leaves the electric field the long chains of polar water molecules that now appear more like strands of ordered DNA, these chains, now free of the electric field begin to break into small and smaller chains. But before they can break up completely, the chains have a tendency for one end of the chain (positive) to snap onto the other end (negative) thus creating a very stable donut or a torus! (Could this possibly be facilitated by running the electrically charged water molecule chains through a toroidal magnetic field?!!) Like the Ouroboros or the serpent grabbing its own tail, we now have toroidal (circular) compound water molecule chains. Most living beings tend to have toroidal energy fields surrounding them … the earth's magnetic field, galaxies, atoms, even plants and humans have a toroidal bioenergetic field. Now that we can create the toroidal or life-like circular compound molecular structure in the water, it is up to us to place or program our information or intention into the living structure. This is just as easy as holding the water container in our hands and thinking of what we would like to program the water with … health, healing, energy, peace, happiness, success, etc. The possibilities are endless. Once this toroidal water molecule has received our information or intent, it has become a living being with a message to share with other living entities, such as the cells in our body. And that's exactly what it does as we drink it! Just remember that for every non water molecule in our body there are more than 2 water molecules to provide it with life and information!

Alternatively you can utilize transformational music from to program your water for several hours prior to drinking it by placing your computer speakers next to your structured water generator and gently layering your transformational message into your new living water molecules. Just remember, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating and placing pure intent into your living water!

More great news, it takes less than $15 and 30 minutes to build your own structured or living water generator. Below are instructions and a list of parts:

Living water generator parts:
1.5V AA or AAA battery
AA or AAA battery cradle with wire leads (Radio Shack)
2 alligator clips
aluminum foil
packaging tape
1 gallon jar with water spicket (lemonade style)

Optional battery cradle wire extensions:
stranded thin gauge (20 gauge or higher) electrical wire
heat shrink tubing or electrical tape

Multimeter for testing purposes

Wrap the 1 gallon jar with aluminum foil so the top half is completely covered (including the lid which should be wrapped separate from the jar so the jar can be easily refilled). Towards the middle of the jar a 1/4 inch gap will be left open ALL THE WAY AROUND THE JAR (IMPORTANT) before also wrapping the bottom half of the jar with aluminum foil. The spout can be removed during the wrapping and replaced after the lower half is wrapped. Use the clear packaging tape to keep the foil in place when beginning and ending the wrappings. Also, wrap a piece of tape around the 1/4 inch gap between the top and bottom foils around the jar so that there is absolutely no way the top and bottom foil wrappings can slip and come into electrical contact with each other (CRITICAL). If the two halves (upper and lower) of the aluminum wrapping touch, the electrical circuit is now complete and the static electric field collapsed (not to mention the battery can overheat and be exothermically destroyed or ignite). The secret of the device is to keep an OPEN electrical circuit so that no current flows and only the electrostatic field remains, like in a capacitor. In fact, all you are doing is creating a capacitor jar where the water becomes the dielectric insulator between the positive and negative anode and cathode. In this case, it is the dielectric (water) which is effectively "storing" the electric field.

You can fold some tabs out of foil (make them 6 or 7 layers thick to ensure they are robust) and tape them to the lid, the top foil wrapping and the lower foil wrapping. The positive lead from the battery cradle connects with the alligator clip (red) to the top and the lid foil tabs simultaneously. The negative lead (black) alligator clips to the bottom foil tab. And that's it. Believe it or not, but no current is flowing from the battery and it will hold the mild electric field indefinitely. Duracell claims their batteries will sit on the shelf for 10 years and still be good, so theoretically you can connect a Duracell to your structured water generator and it will still be good in 10 years! A cheap multimeter can be set to the 20V DC position and verify the DC voltage from the top of the jar to the bottom, by placing one probe on the top foil and the other probe on the bottom foil. This will give you peace of mind that you are indeed generating an electric field which in turn is organizing or structuring your water.

A 1/4 gallon should take 30 minutes to charge, whereas 1 gallon may take up to 3 hours, and 5 gallons as much as 6 hours or overnight.

If it sounds too good to be true, don't just sit there wondering, wouldn't it be better to try? What have you got to lose? As you begin to put intentions into your structured water and drinking it, just remember that much of what hold us back in life from achieving or accomplishing what we want is nothing more than us, we, ourselves. In fact it is our belief systems which keep us in a routine or a rut and firmly locked in our box. If the intent is to break out of this routine or rut, then what we need to do is to change or modify our belief systems and inner energetic thought patterns, or more fundamentally, purge our emotional blockages. I realize this is a bit to take in but, when you start to feel energetic and emotional upheavals and feeling the emotional blockages break up and release you will know it. It often is helpful at times like these to allow yourself a private space to wrap up in your favorites blanket for several hours and have a good full-body cry. But, at no times will you feel that you are stuck in these energetic releases and you will always feel yourself traversing them and passing through to emerge triumphant on the other side. So hang in there and when you do emerge, you will begin to see and feel a new energy dynamic in your life which facilitates everything you programmed your living water to communicate with your cells.

Whether you are using the power of positive intent or programming your living water with songs, or even recording and playing your own personalized music and lyrics to your water, you are guaranteed a fresh and positive result. Photographs, paintings, images, sacred symbols, and written affirmations etc. taped to the side of the container of water have also been known to impart information into the water. Also, don't neglect one of the most powerful intentions and emotions when programming your water which are emotions and thoughts of gratitude, forgiveness and love.

With wisdom and patience you will be assured continued success in your results. May you apply this understanding to enlighten yourself, others and continue to bless our dear Earth Mother!


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Good post.

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Blogger ClaraG said...

This is very interesting to me. I was just wondering, how long does the water remain charged after it is removed from the container? Like, could I store it and have it keep the messages I place in it after I take it out the the structured water generator? And can I program it with anything? For example, helping me with removing old beliefs about myself, and bathing in it to help with my health. I know you said that only my imagination is the limit. That is nice to know. Thank you for posting this. I had heard of living water before, but didn't know it could change my life like this. I am going to write my own affirmations and tape them on the side, and play music as well. People say that music played at 432 hz is ideal for good health. So, just to clarify, if I tape a piece of paper with the word Beautiful or Smart on it, the water would pick that up and take it to my cells, where they would make it true. Right? And if that is so, how many times should I drink the water for it to work?

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Very good post, well written.

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