The Hollow Earth: <a href="">Gravity Builds Hollow Spheres -- Wolfgang Flatow</a>

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Gravity Builds Hollow Spheres -- Wolfgang Flatow

Wolfgang Flatow gets it. The purpose of the hollow earth theory is to provoke and stimulate thought. Few appreciate the value of a good thought experiment. Supposing we are sufficiently scrupulous and disciplined in our thought processes, there is little out of reach that we will not be able to understand and comprehend.

The idea of gravity is one of the least well understood ideas of physics. It has defied our best minds for generations. This points to the root of the issue, that we have built up our current theories on a false foundation and continue down a dead-end path of gravitational cosmology with chimeras and mythical creatures such as dark matter and black holes. But, sadly, these holes are only to be found in our heads as they may never be observed and measured in actual 3D space.

Hollow earth is fundamentally a treatise on gravity. The spirit of the journey into the realm of hollow earth is that of unraveling the current confusion on the true nature of gravity. To this end, Wolfgang Flatow has put together a fantastic Gedankenexperiment.


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