The Hollow Earth: Infrared Hotspot at Venus' North Pole

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Infrared Hotspot at Venus' North Pole

When first encountering the theory of the hollow earth, and by logical extension, that of hollow planets in general, one would have to assume that the existence of polar openings within a hollow planetary shell and the presence of an internal "sun" would, necessarily, become observable under the right circumstances. These were my exact thoughts on the matter and after only a few minutes of searching the web came across what I considered to be sufficient evidence that this theory may indeed hold some weight.

Case in point ... observe in the above infrared image of Venus' northern pole how the atmospheric gases grow colder (darker) as you near the pole, but then, unexpectedly, shows up white-hot at the exact geographic pole. In my opinion nothing could be more proof positive of a polar opening and an internal sun/dynamo.



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