The Hollow Earth: John Cleves Symmes — Symzonia & the Hollow Earth

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

John Cleves Symmes — Symzonia & the Hollow Earth

John Cleves Symmes, born in 1780, was a war hero, philosopher, and perhaps most notably, a hollow earth researcher and enthusiast. Soon after retiring from his career with the army, Symmes began a pursuit and life-long obsession which would imbed itself indelibly in the consciousness of the world's people, the pursuit of the hollow earth. For the remainder of his life Symmes embarked on travels and lectured around the country, devoting his estate to publishing pamphlets which were disseminated not only upon the American continent but received circulation in Europe as well, and even supplicated congress with a proposal to "discover" the land that lies at the earth's ends ... that of an interior world, which is inhabited within.

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Anonymous Keith said...

Interesting. Perhaps if Symmes did not push his theory, there might not have been the sci-fi interest the following years.

6:28 PM  

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