The Hollow Earth: World Mythologies and the Hollow Earth

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

World Mythologies and the Hollow Earth

Ancient world mythologies have always described fantastical accounts of subterranean mysteries, beasts, legends and utopian civilizations. The symbology of such accounts have often permeated our modern world and history, usually without our conscious awareness. A closer look at many of the symbols we have come to know, love, and associate with other ideas or institutions, takes us on a voyage of discovery leading far back into the mists of time to the very beginning of our known history. It is this beginning which we can typically only read about in the myths and lore of traditions of ancient societies. Scientists, anthropologists and historians have frequently come to regard these primeval mythologies as no more than quaint stories at best. What if these anthologies have more to offer than a mere mystical interpretation of observed phenomena?

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Anonymous Keith said...

One interesting point of discussion concerning ancient civilizations is the fact that virtually nothing would remain except for stone ruins, ie, Stonehenge. Therefore, it's difficult to confirm or deny mythology vs. fact.

IIRC, Discovery Channel did a program detailing what would remain if all current Humans would have disappeared.

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