The Hollow Earth: Olaf Jansen & The Smoky God

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Olaf Jansen & The Smoky God

Olaf Jansen and his father were Norwegian fishermen in the 1800's who, according to their religious mythologies of Odin and Thor, believed in a land "beyond the North wind" that is populated by a race of giants and is ever green and lush. On one of their journeyings to Franz Joseph Land to gather some ivory, they decided, under the favorable weather conditions, to journey to this unseen land of their forefathers and view it once and for all with their own eyes.

The Smoky God catalogues their journey to this hidden land and their dealings with the giant race that inhabits it. It describes the language, culture and lifestyle of these beings that exist in the marvelous land of perpetual sunlight. Read the Smoky God and discover what remains to this day a great unseen mystery!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love te painting! I hadn't read about the smoky god before, thanks for sharing.

here's a link you may enjoy:Hollow Earth Theory

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