The Hollow Earth: Uber-rich's Interest in Antarctica Unexplainable

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Uber-rich's Interest in Antarctica Unexplainable

If you had a multi-million dollar yacht, a submarine and the best security team money could buy, wouldn't you spend your time in some balmy islands with an underwater ecosystem deserving of your attention, or perhaps at least treasure hunting along historically noteworthy shipping routes? Instead, Bill Gates and Paul Allen choose to spend their time exploring the ocean floor around Antarctica.

While on the surface, this may raise no real eyebrows and it can easily be chalked up to the eccentricities of men who have to dig rather deep to get their fix in ways that others only dream about, in light of all the other high weirdness associated with Antarctica, it could prove to be something else entirely. Indeed, it could be that the uber-elite and governments of the world share a little secret amongst themselves about their favorite getaway destination saved for the select few ... the shores of Agharta in the inner earth.


Anonymous Gary Litttlejohn said...

In the light of all thsi nonformation, including the material about the British raids on nazi bases, I think that you should look at this.

It is a book called Hitler's Flying Saucers.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably because Antarctica may also be related to Atlantis. I doubt the Aghartans will be letting any stray visitors get too close to their doorstep.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go to Google Earth, then go to the South Pole. Turn off the weather patterns so there is a clear view of the whole continent. Scroll back until the whole continent fits the screen.

In Windows 7 and 8, “there is a color inverter, it’s in the Magnifier App”. Open this up & turn on the color inverter, (it won’t work without it!) Scroll towards the center at the South Pole. White snow will then turn to browns & greens. The opening is at the center. It’s at the Amundsen – Scott Station. It’s almost 10 miles across, with many UFO flying about!

Try it sometime, it really works! But only does, “when the color inverter is ON”. And erases all the ice & snow, with just a click..

This new method also works great with any cloudless image search for continent of Antarctica. Here’s another one, go to this link; When the website appears, look to the right of the image, & “click on the star *, between the four arrows”. The image will change to a white ocean, & a white Antarctica. Now turn the color inversion on, & behind the opaque black mask, are lush green forests.

8:40 PM  

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