The Hollow Earth

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Gravity Builds Hollow Spheres -- Wolfgang Flatow

Wolfgang Flatow gets it. The purpose of the hollow earth theory is to provoke and stimulate thought. Few appreciate the value of a good thought experiment. Supposing we are sufficiently scrupulous and disciplined in our thought processes, there is little out of reach that we will not be able to understand and comprehend.

The idea of gravity is one of the least well understood ideas of physics. It has defied our best minds for generations. This points to the root of the issue, that we have built up our current theories on a false foundation and continue down a dead-end path of gravitational cosmology with chimeras and mythical creatures such as dark matter and black holes. But, sadly, these holes are only to be found in our heads as they may never be observed and measured in actual 3D space.

Hollow earth is fundamentally a treatise on gravity. The spirit of the journey into the realm of hollow earth is that of unraveling the current confusion on the true nature of gravity. To this end, Wolfgang Flatow has put together a fantastic Gedankenexperiment.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Living Waters

When Olaf Jansen and his father explored the regions of the inner earth for 2 years, he remarked that the air had an electric quality about it. He and his father also noted that they never slept better, awoke more refreshed or experienced greater vitality than the 2 years they lived among the inhabitants of the hollow earth. The ancient Greeks spoke of the Hyperboreans who lived in the land at the poles, beyond the north wind and lived great lifespans of 1,000 years! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could create the same bio-energetic field which the inhabitants of the inner realms enjoy that imparts such great vitality, length and quality of life? Well, it turns out that we can!

The electric universe model indicates that all celestial bodies are electric, especially and including our sun. We biological beings are also electric. Indeed it is no less than the energy of lightning which animates the very membranes of our mitochondrial cells which are the site of energy creation and synthesis by an enzyme called ATP synthase. In The Vital Question a book regarding the origins or "spark of life", Nick Lane, an acclaimed microbiologist and evolutionary theorist writes that life could not possibly have evolved without the presence of an electric field or voltage differential. In fact, most if not all of the tenable theories for how microbial life could have possibly emerged, have to do with electricity as one of their fundamental ingredients. Without it life could not have arisen nor continued to thrive on this planet.

Is it any wonder, then, that placing a biological lifeform in a mild electrostatic field could have powerful health benefits. There has been a significant amount of research in electroculture. Electroculture is the practice of placing plants in a mild electrostatic field (DC or direct current as opposed to AC or an alternating electric potential or field) and observing the new rate of growth. It has been shown repeatedly in thousands of experiments by a large spectrum of researchers, botanists, gardeners and farmers that plants have no less than a 25 - 40% increased growth rate and overall size increase when grown in a biologically friendly electrostatic or DC field. Electroculture is being seriously investigated for its potential with hydroponic solutions to growing crops in space.

What would happen if we were to apply this field to the human body? The human body is 70% water. Water is a highly polar molecule so when it is exposed to an electrostatic field, like iron filings in a magnetic field, the water molecules line up or "zip" together into long chains of polar molecules. It's as if all the water molecules fall into a very organized state of attention. What you end up with is something called coherent or structured water. So what you say? As the terse yet potent saying goes, "Order is Power." Let's look at an example of laser light. What makes laser light so special? Laser light is, by definition, a coherent or highly structured or organized beam of light. This coherent structure gives it high signal to noise fidelity. What this means is that because of the low noise level of the laser light, it has very high bandwidth or can hold an extremely high amount of information.

Now back to water. In 1998 there were several experiments performed around the world showcasing the enormous potential of water to store information (The Field, Lynne McTaggart). Dr. Emoto of Japan also showed that if you pray over water or project energy through voice and intention into water, it affected its physical form! So, when you place water into an electrostatic field and induce a very ordered or coherent state (essentially formatting the water energy content and reducing the noise through a highly ordered structure) it is now ready to receive your pure intention or information.

Some say that life is nothing more than a combination of structure (order) and information (intent). With this knowledge we can create living water. As the water leaves the electric field the long chains of polar water molecules that now appear more like strands of ordered DNA, these chains, now free of the electric field begin to break into small and smaller chains. But before they can break up completely, the chains have a tendency for one end of the chain (positive) to snap onto the other end (negative) thus creating a very stable donut or a torus! (Could this possibly be facilitated by running the electrically charged water molecule chains through a toroidal magnetic field?!!) Like the Ouroboros or the serpent grabbing its own tail, we now have toroidal (circular) compound water molecule chains. Most living beings tend to have toroidal energy fields surrounding them … the earth's magnetic field, galaxies, atoms, even plants and humans have a toroidal bioenergetic field. Now that we can create the toroidal or life-like circular compound molecular structure in the water, it is up to us to place or program our information or intention into the living structure. This is just as easy as holding the water container in our hands and thinking of what we would like to program the water with … health, healing, energy, peace, happiness, success, etc. The possibilities are endless. Once this toroidal water molecule has received our information or intent, it has become a living being with a message to share with other living entities, such as the cells in our body. And that's exactly what it does as we drink it! Just remember that for every non water molecule in our body there are more than 2 water molecules to provide it with life and information!

Alternatively you can utilize transformational music from to program your water for several hours prior to drinking it by placing your computer speakers next to your structured water generator and gently layering your transformational message into your new living water molecules. Just remember, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating and placing pure intent into your living water!

More great news, it takes less than $15 and 30 minutes to build your own structured or living water generator. Below are instructions and a list of parts:

Living water generator parts:
1.5V AA or AAA battery
AA or AAA battery cradle with wire leads (Radio Shack)
2 alligator clips
aluminum foil
packaging tape
1 gallon jar with water spicket (lemonade style)

Optional battery cradle wire extensions:
stranded thin gauge (20 gauge or higher) electrical wire
heat shrink tubing or electrical tape

Multimeter for testing purposes

Wrap the 1 gallon jar with aluminum foil so the top half is completely covered (including the lid which should be wrapped separate from the jar so the jar can be easily refilled). Towards the middle of the jar a 1/4 inch gap will be left open ALL THE WAY AROUND THE JAR (IMPORTANT) before also wrapping the bottom half of the jar with aluminum foil. The spout can be removed during the wrapping and replaced after the lower half is wrapped. Use the clear packaging tape to keep the foil in place when beginning and ending the wrappings. Also, wrap a piece of tape around the 1/4 inch gap between the top and bottom foils around the jar so that there is absolutely no way the top and bottom foil wrappings can slip and come into electrical contact with each other (CRITICAL). If the two halves (upper and lower) of the aluminum wrapping touch, the electrical circuit is now complete and the static electric field collapsed (not to mention the battery can overheat and be exothermically destroyed or ignite). The secret of the device is to keep an OPEN electrical circuit so that no current flows and only the electrostatic field remains, like in a capacitor. In fact, all you are doing is creating a capacitor jar where the water becomes the dielectric insulator between the positive and negative anode and cathode. In this case, it is the dielectric (water) which is effectively "storing" the electric field.

You can fold some tabs out of foil (make them 6 or 7 layers thick to ensure they are robust) and tape them to the lid, the top foil wrapping and the lower foil wrapping. The positive lead from the battery cradle connects with the alligator clip (red) to the top and the lid foil tabs simultaneously. The negative lead (black) alligator clips to the bottom foil tab. And that's it. Believe it or not, but no current is flowing from the battery and it will hold the mild electric field indefinitely. Duracell claims their batteries will sit on the shelf for 10 years and still be good, so theoretically you can connect a Duracell to your structured water generator and it will still be good in 10 years! A cheap multimeter can be set to the 20V DC position and verify the DC voltage from the top of the jar to the bottom, by placing one probe on the top foil and the other probe on the bottom foil. This will give you peace of mind that you are indeed generating an electric field which in turn is organizing or structuring your water.

A 1/4 gallon should take 30 minutes to charge, whereas 1 gallon may take up to 3 hours, and 5 gallons as much as 6 hours or overnight.

If it sounds too good to be true, don't just sit there wondering, wouldn't it be better to try? What have you got to lose? As you begin to put intentions into your structured water and drinking it, just remember that much of what hold us back in life from achieving or accomplishing what we want is nothing more than us, we, ourselves. In fact it is our belief systems which keep us in a routine or a rut and firmly locked in our box. If the intent is to break out of this routine or rut, then what we need to do is to change or modify our belief systems and inner energetic thought patterns, or more fundamentally, purge our emotional blockages. I realize this is a bit to take in but, when you start to feel energetic and emotional upheavals and feeling the emotional blockages break up and release you will know it. It often is helpful at times like these to allow yourself a private space to wrap up in your favorites blanket for several hours and have a good full-body cry. But, at no times will you feel that you are stuck in these energetic releases and you will always feel yourself traversing them and passing through to emerge triumphant on the other side. So hang in there and when you do emerge, you will begin to see and feel a new energy dynamic in your life which facilitates everything you programmed your living water to communicate with your cells.

Whether you are using the power of positive intent or programming your living water with songs, or even recording and playing your own personalized music and lyrics to your water, you are guaranteed a fresh and positive result. Photographs, paintings, images, sacred symbols, and written affirmations etc. taped to the side of the container of water have also been known to impart information into the water. Also, don't neglect one of the most powerful intentions and emotions when programming your water which are emotions and thoughts of gratitude, forgiveness and love.

With wisdom and patience you will be assured continued success in your results. May you apply this understanding to enlighten yourself, others and continue to bless our dear Earth Mother!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Missing Matter Conundrum

It's estimated that about 85% of the matter in the universe is missing as the gravitational effects (observed by the rotational velocity or rate of spin of galaxies) point to a discrepancy between the amount of visible matter and the the rotational acceleration of the galaxies. Instead of questioning the underlying concept and assumptions of gravity, scientists go to the other extreme and postulate that the matter must instead be "invisible" to normal methods of observation (i.e. dark matter). To begin with, much of our assumptions about gravity have to do with the amount of matter that we postulate must exist within the earth, where the deeper you go into the earth's center, purportedly the more dense, and hence the more matter that must necessarily exist. What if, instead we core out 85% of the earth's matter (make it hollow) and then attribute the observable gravitational effects to this less dense earth model? Would this newly calculated mass model have a ripple effect throughout astro-physics which would then correct the offset of gravitational pull with the amount of visible matter? I postulate that it would certainly go a long way in explaining one of the biggest scientific conundrums of our time.

[Coring out 85% of the earth's matter, using the radial density profile that is a commonly held scientific postulation, results in a hollow shell that is on average approximately 340 miles thick.]

Most spinning systems in nature (tornados, hurricanes, cyclones, water vortices, atoms, etc.) are all naturally occurring hollow phenomena. Just try holding onto the center of a merry-go-round. In a spinning system, matter cannot cling to the center of rotation but is spun out to the edge and would continue to fling outward if it weren't for a force to counteract this outward tug. The balancing force, in the planetary scenario, is gravity. Proto-planetary systems all begin their formation having a substantial rotational velocity or angular momentum. Thus, the matter in a spinning system accretes at the boundary where the centrifugal force (due to angular momentum or spinning energy) and gravity cancel out at the point (radius) of null-force or equilibrium. This fact is evidenced by the larger planets in our solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune) having a shorter rotational period (9.9 hrs., 10.8 hrs., 17.3 hrs., 16.1 hrs. respectively) or greater rotational velocity than earth. Effectively, it can be said that these planets are larger because they possessed more angular momentum during their formation.

This effect can be observed experimentally by taking a weight on a string and slowly spinning around while standing and holding the end of the string and observing how far from your body the weight flings outward from the center of rotation. With a slower rate of spin, the weight will only move several inches until gravity equals the centrifugal acceleration generated by the system's rotational inertia. As you spin faster, observe what happens to the distance of the weight relative to your body. As you move with a greater rate of spin, the weight finds a new equilibrium point between gravity and the new centrifugal acceleration with a radius or point which is further from your body (the axis of rotation). This illustrates the same manner in which planetary diameters and orbits settle out during planetary formation.

As the matter in a proto-planetary body coalesces along the equilibrium point between gravity and the centrifugal force due to rotational inertia, it slowly cools and hardens to form a planetary shell. Effectively, planets are bubbles. The sphere is the strongest naturally occurring physical form (not the triangle, sorry). This is why the earth and the moon ring like bells after quakes or some event which effectively strikes them like a hammer to a bell.

It's a rather interesting paradigm shift to explore the option that all planets are merely cosmic bubbles floating through space. As such, there is the potential that they can harbor life within the protective confines of their shell. There is estimated to be nearly twice as many jupiter size rogue planets (planets not tethered to a star) wandering through the galaxy than there are visible stars. This greatly multiplies the possibility of life in the universe as we have, literally, only begun scratching the surface in our search for extra-terrestrial life. No more is it necessary for planets to exist in the fabled goldilocks zone but now all celestial spheres can potentially harbor life regardless of their distance from a star. Effectively, planetary objects are spaceships hurling through space. We just happen to live on the outside of our spaceship which is a bit of a mathematical improbability in cosmic terms due to our unlikely fortuitous position or distance away from our central star.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

High Strangeness in the Transantarctic Mountains

Silver discs, disappearing scientists, a large hole at the South Pole, government "spooks", no-fly zones, "air sampling" cover-ups, read on to decide for yourself what exactly is going on at the South Pole …

Read ...

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Don't Forget the Spin!

What most neglect to take into account when trying to understand planetary formation and its ultimate geometry is SPIN! All proto-planetary accretion models have kinetic and potential energy associated with them. In these models, material doesn't just immediately converge into one point with perfectly inelastic collisions and fall into a dense, homogeneous sphere. On the contrary, a spinning system operates a bit more like a merry-go round -- once material falls closer to the center of rotation, the mass begins to rotate faster in order to conserve angular momentum. The result is a quickly rotating ball of matter with very low mass towards the center of rotation (just try to hold yourself at the center of a rapidly rotating merry-go-round).

Spinning material quickly finds the balance point where angular momentum is conserved and the rotational and gravitational components of acceleration are equal. The overall mass and rotational velocity of the system will determine the distance away from the axis of rotation where the matter accretes into a solid shell (radius of the planet). Thus, for more massive, more quickly spinning systems, you will have a larger radius (Jupiter, Saturn).

If proto-planetary accretion were a very lossy process due to friction, tidal forces (sun's gravitational pull), etc., you might be able to bleed off the rotational energy fast enough to have the matter coalesce at the center, causing a solid sphere to form. Perhaps this is the premise of the scientific community. What can be said for certain is that there is a considerable amount of uncertainty in scientific theory concerning planetary formation. In short, the experts cannot agree on the mechanics of planetary formation. This uncertainty is what leaves the door open for a more flexible model of proto-planetary formation which takes the physics of rotating systems into account such as the hollow planet model.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Gravity is in the Earth's Crust not the Core

Most have difficulty visualizing how the mechanics of a hollow earth operate. Throw into the mix the idea of a hole at each pole and people really start to get confused. The best way to clear up the confusion is to realize that the earth is a hollow shell much like those eggs you poke holes in at each end and blow the yolk out of. The real clincher, however, is that gravity is centered in the Earth's crust not at its core! ... So, instead of being a point-source, the center of gravity is actually spread out at the center of the crust.

The image above helps to illustrate this point. As someone sails around the lip of the opening at the pole, you are never aware that you have just entered the inner earth opening other than a brazen solar "mirage" which is actually the inner sun. As you sail around the lip, gravity is constantly pulling towards the center of the crust so that you never notice a change in gravitational attraction. Perhaps this is why early explorers who did not have GPS made maps with a continent at the northern extremities as they did not realize that they had actually made their way to the inside of the Earth!

Advocates of mainstream science use Gaussian mathematics to argue that in a hollow earth model, all gravitational forces cancel each other out. If the Earth is indeed hollow, then gravity is a slightly more complicated (or simple) phenomenon than can be explained with Gaussian physics and the current scientific theory of gravity is in need of an overhaul.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Earth as a Geode

The easiest way to visualize the formation of the hollow earth is to look at the best example that we have in nature ... that of a geode. Geodes range in size from small rock formations all the way up to large caverns filled with crystals. These features typically form when rock is found in its igneous state and then hardens around a gas bubble.

To bring this around to hollow earth, imagine a large spinning bubble of molten material that slowly cools and hardens into a dense, crystalline shell. This is hollow earth. Now imagine, if you will, the brilliance that can be seen from the inside of the earth. If geodes are to be any indicator, there is considerably more going on inside this planet than there is on the surface. In fact, I'd go as far to say that most planetary bodies were never intended for life on their surface. The inside, on the other hand ... that remains to be seen!

The important thing to remember is that the shell of the earth is basically one large crystalline form. Imagine a crystal the size of the earth ... or more accurately a geode!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Radial Ice Betrays North Polar Hole

The image above shows the radial ice flow from the north polar opening to the hollow earth. This pattern projects outward from a conspicuous ring of ice approximately 80 miles in diameter. The 80 mile opening likely restricts to approximately 50 miles at its narrowest point.

According to calculations made by comparing the polar and equatorial diameters of the earth, a 50 mile opening would indicate that the crust is approximately 600 miles thick at the poles, slimmed down from an 800 mile crust at the equator.

With such a small diameter opening, it becomes apparent just how easily an "anomaly" such as this can be wiped from satellite imagery and kept from the prying eyes of the public.

(Image provided by Chris Baird.)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Unusual Pair of Polar Storms

An unusual set of polar storms are currently in progress at both the North and the South poles. There is currently a discussion about what this really means and whether or not it is truly out of the ordinary and a cause for alarm.

This could just be further indicators that our planet is going through some metamorphic climate change at this time, but what does this mean for the interior realms of the planet and those that live within?

Article referred by Radiant Transformation

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Space Magic

Sooth your eyes with streams of magic from space ...

Friday, July 20, 2012

North Polar Mirage of the Sun

The polar explorers of lore speak of a phenomenon they called a 'mirage' where the sun would appear in the sky at locations that they could not explain. Oft times, this so-called 'mirage' would look very red and 'brazen' in color. What makes this most curious is the fact that these explorers were extremely adept at telling their location from the layout of the stars and the position of the sun. The further these explorers would proceed north, the more erratic their passage north would become, until finally they would be forced to turn backwards until they regained their bearings. This confusion can be easily explained by the unexpected curvature of the earth they encountered as they approached nearer the opening into the inside of the earth. The phenomenon they titled a 'mirage' was actually the sighting of the inner sun rising over the horizon of the inner earth opening.

Begin watching the video at 3 min. 20 sec. to hear a description of how Chinese scientists experienced the same phenomenon during their expedition north to find a land where the sun does not shine.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Titan's Polar Vortex Puzzles Scientists

By now we should be no stranger to polar vortices on planets or moons. What confuses me is how scientists are still 'puzzled' by the appearance of these mystery systems and cloud formations, especially where thick atmospheres are present.

In the case of Titan, thick, hazy clouds make up the atmosphere, and though scientists warn that the temperatures may be quite low, it appears that a mechanism similar to those found on other planets is helping to form polar storms at both extremes of Titan's globe.

What we have yet to see, is whether this mechanism bears a resemblance to the hollow globes that we have postulated to exist here on Earth as well as on other planets in our system.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Moon Matrix

Scientists believed that all their questions would be answered when they brought back lunar samples and moon rocks from the Apollo missions. Not only did these samples not answer their questions, they opened a literal Pandora's box of questions they hadn't yet even conceived of regarding the origins of the moon. The results of the exploration were so bizarre that two prominent Soviet scientists wrote a paper indicating that the only way to reconcile all the discrepancies regarding information about the moon, was to conclude that the moon was a hollowed out planetoid or artificial satellite that was formed beyond the solar system and towed into orbit around the earth.

Consider the following scenario about how an extraterrestrial race takes over an inhabited planet such as Earth:

1) Hollow out a large asteroid or moon or (if you are technologically advanced) build an artificial moon.
2) Move the moon into orbit around a planet with a civilization that is to be controlled.
3) The recent addition of new gravity and tidal forces will wreak havoc on the planet's ecosystem and weather patterns, the results of which will effectively reset civilization back to a more primitive condition.
4) Make your presence known and reboot civilization under your authority.
5) The recently added moon becomes the ideal location for a staging base / observation platform from which to ensure that your new authority and control regime are adequately enforced. The unsuspecting and less technologically advanced species on the target planet will have no idea what hit them and will have no way to oppose the recent 'invasion' with all their technology having been wiped out from the artificially induced cataclysms.

This scenario supposedly took place on earth. The ancient Greeks talk about the days before the moon appeared in the skies. There are many verbal histories from tribes and indigenous peoples all over the earth that discuss the days before the moon came to be. The Proselenes were a group of people whose name actually means "before the moon" as they claimed to be in existence before the moon's appearance in the heavens. Also, our scientists are left holding an empty bag when trying to explain how our moon, as large as it is compared with the earth, ever came into being. It's existence seems to defy all the 'laws of physics'.

There is ample evidence that there were some very advanced races on earth around 10,000 years ago. But then, there were global cataclysms that effectively rebooted civilization. Now, if you follow David Icke at all, you have heard about the draconian race of reptilians that are involved with the power structures of our planetary regimes on almost every level. This makes you wonder if the moon is not some staging base for a planetary level of mind control, reality alteration and genetic manipulation. Are we a slave race ... and to whom?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Uber-rich's Interest in Antarctica Unexplainable

If you had a multi-million dollar yacht, a submarine and the best security team money could buy, wouldn't you spend your time in some balmy islands with an underwater ecosystem deserving of your attention, or perhaps at least treasure hunting along historically noteworthy shipping routes? Instead, Bill Gates and Paul Allen choose to spend their time exploring the ocean floor around Antarctica.

While on the surface, this may raise no real eyebrows and it can easily be chalked up to the eccentricities of men who have to dig rather deep to get their fix in ways that others only dream about, in light of all the other high weirdness associated with Antarctica, it could prove to be something else entirely. Indeed, it could be that the uber-elite and governments of the world share a little secret amongst themselves about their favorite getaway destination saved for the select few ... the shores of Agharta in the inner earth.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Mammoth Alive?!

Is it a hoax? Many would argue that it is. Even so, the fact remains, that mysterious and suspicious looking saurian creatures have been continuously spotted over the years, causing one to wonder if the dinosaurs really went extinct or just went 'under ground'.

Many are familiar with the secret diary of Admiral Byrd where he claims to have seen live mammoths roaming beneath his plane as he flew over the Arctic expanse at the North Pole. Also, there have been numerous reports of fresh mammoth meat that is found in Siberia that is good enough to be fed to sled dogs and humans alike.

Olaf Jansen and his father abandoned the abundant fish fields for something more profitable, mammoth tusks, mountains of them piled up on the northern coasts of Russia. Every season brought with it a fresh pile of mammoth tusks.

All of this becomes very curious as scientists are fervently discussing resurrecting the mammoth so to speak. So, when the mammoth does become 'rediscovered' in the wild, it will be claimed that it is just a recently cloned mammoth and that we reintroduced them to its natural habitat. So what is it ... a cover-up or a long forgotten reality? ... You decide.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jupiter's Core

There has been some controversy regarding the core of Jupiter and it's heft and composition. All scientists can really do is gather gravitational measurements, compare them with Earth’s, and make the best educated guesses possible based upon those measurements. These measurements cause them to conclude that the core is a thick, super hot soup.

All these 'best guesses', however, depend upon the assumption that planets form into contiguously solid spheres (much like they assume for Earth). What if, however, you instead assume that all planets are hollow? How does this change the relative compositions of each of the planets in our solar system? Some sources indicate that the crust of the hollow earth is approximately 800 miles thick. If we take the mass of the earth and cause it to be distributed in this shell, instead of a solid sphere, and also do the same for all planets in our solar system, we can derive a shell thickness for all the bodies in the solar system based upon their gravitational interraction. We do assume, in these calculations, the same average density for all the planetary crusts and neglect the mass of each planet's inner star or sun. While these may not be entirely valid assumptions, it gets us on the right path.

Here are the results of the calculations:

Sun's crust = 18,991 miles thick
Mercury's crust = 301 miles thick
Venus' crust = 716 miles thick
Earth's crust = 800 miles thick
Moon's crust = 120 miles thick
Mars' crust = 282 miles thick
Jupiter's crust = 1,709 miles thick
Saturn's crust = 705 miles thick
Uranus' crust = 611 miles thick
Neptune's crust = 774 miles thick
Pluto's crust = 41 miles thick

I'm just frankly a bit disgusted with the assumption that the so called 'gas giants' Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are relegated to becoming nothing more than balls of hot air. I find it far more probable and realistic, in light of the evidence, to see them as planets with solid crusts that are covered with a dense layer of clouds (much the same as Venus).

View calculations here >>

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Ozone Conundrum

The ozone threat has been hyped to be largely a result of consumer based products which produce CFCs that get released into the atmosphere. While this may indeed play a part, scientists still scratch their heads as the ozone hole continues to defy their predictions as it shrinks and grows with the seasons and over the years.

There may be another explanation, however, as there are cyclical fluctuations of ion expulsions emanating from the polar regions which would explain how the lighter ozone is seasonally repelled from both of the earth's polar extremities (see ion cleft fountain).

Monday, March 12, 2012

Herbig-Haro & Macro-symmetry

The discovery of bipolar outflows from young stars or Herbig-Haro objects in the late 1970s and early 1980s were revealed to be jets of ionized gas that emanate from young “exciting” stars surrounded by circumstellar accretion disks. These Herbig-Haro objects exhibit spectroscopic emission lines that are characteristic of highly ionized gas that has been shocked upon interaction with the surrounding interstellar medium as it is moving at supersonic velocities of 100 km/s (60 mi/s) to more than 1000 km/s (600 mi/s).


More recently it was discovered that there appear to be two vast structures, stretching to the north and to the south of the centre of the Milky Way, that are so big that a beam of light, travelling at 186,282 miles per second, would take 50,000 years to get from the edge of one to the edge of the other. The previously unseen bubbles were discovered by astronomer Doug Finkbeiner, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, using NASA's Fermi Gamma-Ray Telescope. He admitted: "We don't fully understand their nature or origin." They are thought to be millions of years old and were not noticed before because they were lost in a fog of gamma radiation across the sky.

Astronomers' best "guess" is that the bubbles were created by an eruption from a supersized black hole at the centre of our galaxy. Scientist David Spergel, of Princeton University, New Jersey, said: "In other galaxies, we see that starbursts can drive enormous gas outflows. Whatever the energy source behind these huge bubbles may be, it is connected to many deep questions in astrophysics."

The interesting part is that there seems to be a pattern between spinning systems and the outflow of matter along the axis of rotation. The cleft ion fountains are also ionized jets of particles that flow outward from the earth's poles to fill the earth's magnetosphere with ions and generate the auroral displays we often attribute to the solar wind. There appears to be a symmetry involved here which baffles most scientists. Perhaps there is something going on which the conventional models of physics cannot explain, in which case, is it possible that the more 'unconventional' models have something to offer?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ciel et Espace

Head on over to Ciel et Espace (Sky & Space), a French monthly devoted to the earth sciences published by the French Association of Astronomy. There you can see 3D topographic images of Antarctica that appear to be sourced from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). The curious thing about these images is that they don't have the polar region blacked out (like most images sourced from United States government agencies). Instead it shows a circular depression from various vantage points that is curiously centered at the southern pole. Very interesting!

Couple this with the dark zone of low reflectivity in the radarsat image identified by Rodney Cluff (courtesy of NASA/Goddard) and I'd say we have a dead ringer for the south polar hollow earth opening!



Friday, March 09, 2012

The Cryosphere Today

The cryosphere is the term used to collectively describe the portions of the earth's surface where water is in its solid form. The University of Illinois has a fantastic resource available for viewing the polar sea ice called Cryosphere Today. From here you can watch animations of the ever changing sea ice from a database of images collected as far back as 1979. Much of the more recent data has been collected by the AMSR-E (Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - EOS) aboard NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) Aqua Satellite.

It's interesting to note how the earlier images (1979 - 1987) have a large swath of the polar region that was apparently unmonitored as the data was seemingly extrapolated and stretched to the pole, hence the radial patterns seen in the image above. From 1987 forward, the images progressively cover more and more of the pole. The noteworthy features, when comparing images from various dates, are the radial patterns that the ice forms coming from a central point at the pole:

July 29 - August 6, 1979
August 25 - August 31, 1984
August 27 - September 6, 1989
August 27 - September 6, 1995
August 27 - September 4, 2006
August 17 - September 4, 2010

Compare >>

Monday, February 27, 2012

North Pole Inner Earth Expedition

Since Steve Currey and Rodney Cluff organized their expedition to the north polar entrance of the hollow earth and Steve Currey's untimely passing, there has not been another concerted public effort to reach the opening at the north pole until now. Physicist Brooks Agnew has picked up the reigns for the publicity of the expedition and together with Rodney Cluff are planning one last ditch effort in August of 2012 to make it on the Russian icebreaker Yamal before it is retired for good. Let's watch together and see what they make of this attempt to show the world what governments have been collectively hiding for decades. >>

Update May 5, 2012: The North Polar Inner Earth Expedition has received funding and is slated to depart July/August 2013.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Now's Your Chance ...

We all knew it was just a matter of time. With the rate of growth of the internet and the availability of information, the clock is ticking and the ultimate demise of the cloak of secrecy that has shrouded some of the greatest mysteries of all time is fast approaching. The rate of ice melting in the Arctic has some experts predicting an ice free Arctic and shipping trade routes through the Arctic Circle by the end of the next decade.

But until then, you can check out for yourself what there is to see at the "north pole" with the first "true" polar flight of Richard Branson's Virgin Air. This flight will leave Heathrow Airport and fly straight to Fiji via a direct polar route that shaves 6 hours off of the otherwise 24 hour flight. So be the first to book a polar flight on Virgin Air and let us know what you see as you cross over the top of the world. Just be sure to book a window seat!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Government Insider Speaks Out on Hollow Earth

A government insider who worked in an underground installation near the Groom Lake (Area 51) base in Nevada, speaks from his understanding and personal experience about government knowledge of the inner realms of planet earth. He acknowledges Admiral Byrd's flight into the inner realms as well as the very warm area surrounding the approximately 50 mile diameter opening with flora and fauna at the earth's polar regions. He also discusses the fleets of UFOs or unexplained craft that emerge from these openings on a regular basis that are closely monitored by the governments on the surface.

Perhaps most importantly and most interesting is his acknowledgement of our governments' understanding of the fallacies in the mainstream concepts of the nature of gravity. The insider makes claims of having been briefed on the true nature of gravity and that gravity is not an inherent property of matter but is rather magnetic in nature and stems from the emanations of our sun. This revelation dovetails nicely with the ideas of 'push gravity' and removes the main argument scientists have against hollow earth.

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Denver Museum of Nature & Science Reveals Hollow Earth Opening in Antarctica

Chris, a courageous hollow earth enthusiast in Denver, Colorado was visiting the Space Odyssey exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on April 23, 2011 where he found himself looking at a projection of the earth on a very large sphere. When one of the spectators asked the curator to rotate the poles downward so that he could look at his native state of Alaska, Chris went around to the less popular 'butt' end to see what he could see of Antarctica. To his shock and amazement he saw before him, in all its clarity, a well defined opening at the southern-most pole where one would expect to see the opening to the interior of the hollow earth. He quickly took two pictures (the other you can view here) which he then uploaded onto the web to share his experience and also his convictions about the hollow earth.

In addition to the hole at the pole, Chris points out how much melting and cracking of the ice is visible in Antarctica that is not commonly shown in current satellite imagery. This is great work from a fellow hollow earth enthusiast! Watch more of Chris' hollow earth work here.

Update: Unfortunately Chris has since removed both videos from Youtube. Luckily I have the two images you see here which contain the evidence of his discovery!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Portal to Mayan Underworld Discovered

Mexican archaeologists announced the discovery of a veritable maze of underground rooms, tunnels and caves, some submerged in water, containing human remains and traces of a long occupation. Eleven cavernous Mayan temples and ruins have been identified so far in the huge underground complex at the site in the Yucatan peninsula. Scientists are convinced that their discovery is nothing other than the portal to Xibalba, the mythical Mayan underworld.

According to ancient Mayan writings of the Popol Vuh, the road to the underworld of Xibalba was strewn with many obstacles such as rivers filled with scorpions and snakes and abandoned houses occupied by bats, vampires and mythological animals that could kill those who would have ventured on such a journey underground. The Mayans believed that the souls of the dead pass through this passage accompanied by a dog (Anubis?) whose vision could pierce the darkness. "Offerings left here confirm their conviction that this was the passage to the afterlife," said Guillermo de Anda, one of the leading archaeologists exploring this site.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Macuxi Indians and the Underworld

The Macuxi Indians of the Amazon in Northern Brazil have oral traditions that tell of a time when they were entrusted with the secret knowledge of a gateway to the underground realm of the inner earth. The Macuxi were allowed to visit this hidden land on occasion and interact with the giants that resided there. They were also promised that if they carried out their guardianship duties faithfully they would be allowed to reincarnate in the peaceful realms of the inner world.

Unfortunately, when the white man of Europe came and stole the lands from the native inhabitants of North and South America, it was necessary to close up this portal to protect the hidden lands from the destructive tendencies of the conquering white nations. The Macuxis were warned to flee to the inner realm. Those that stayed suffered at the hands of their conquerors and live on today with the memories and oral traditions of a paradise lost.

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Aztec & Mayan Calendar

The Mayan or Aztec calendar that has been popularized (due to 2012 end of age tales) was carved and dedicated to the principle Aztec and Mayan deity — the sun. This carving is less of a calendar, in my opinion, and more of a cosmological depiction of the inner realms of planet Earth. I do agree that the stone has some significance or connection with the sun, though it would be the inner not the outer sun based upon many similar depictions of sun stones and solar wheels.

First, the Aztec deity is portrayed as an anthropomorphic sun deity in the center of the stone tablet. This depiction is complete with solar rays emanating outwards and the face of a man-like god. This image of a sun with a human face indicates a sentient presence in the central, inner sun that is worshiped as a deity.

The next interesting detail is the two serpents surrounding the carving whose tails meet at the top and their heads come together at the bottom of the disk. These serpents have human faces in their mouths which could indicate a preternatural reptilian being with humanoid characteristics. This can also be interpreted as a throwback to the draconian beings of the subterranean realms which consume human flesh (also depicted by the serpent 'Biscione' of the House of Visconti or City of Milan — Alfa Romeo emblem).

Whatever interpretation we come to for the serpents, they easily represent the shell or crust of the earth and at the same time leave an opening in the upper and lower aspects of the carving — just as there are voids in the northern and southern extremities of the planet that lead to the inner realms.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Underground Rivers and Oceans

Seismologists have identified a massive body of water the size of the Arctic Ocean beneath eastern Asia deep within the Earth's 'mantle'. The ocean has been nick-named the 'Beijing anomaly' because the seismic signature which indicates the presence of the underground ocean is strongest beneath the Chinese capital city of Beijing.

It was also recently discovered that in addition to the great Amazon River, there is a second river that is draining the Amazon basin. This river, the Hamza, is every bit as large as the Amazon River, only it is 13,000 feet below the surface. The river has been named after Valiya Hamza, the scientist of Indian origin who has studied the Amazon region for more than 40 years.

Equally interesting, though perhaps a bit more fringe, are tales of a vast underground network of massive aquifers and rivers that drain the entire southwestern United States. This underground network is purportedly navigable and empties into the ocean along the coastline. There are rumors that two U.S. military submarines (U.S.S. Thresher & U.S.S. Scorpion) were sent into these underground rivers to chart their course and determine their origin, but the submarines were apparently 'lost' never to be heard of again.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Underworld Epic of Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgamesh is a tale of the mighty king of Uruk that was one third mortal and two thirds god. His grief for his friend Enkidu sent him on a journey through the underworld to find his ancestor of the great deluge, Utnapishtim, who resided at the mouth of the Rivers. His journey through the underworld took him through a place of darkness for 12 leagues. Passing through a mighty mountain he came upon the place of the Underworld where he hoped his ancestor could give him the keys of immortality.

The tale of Gilgamesh is a Sumerian tale that precedes the mythologies of even the Greeks or Romans and helps us to understand just how old the stories of the underworld really are. It is apparent that the pathway to the underworld was difficult and fraught with dangers and darkness. This reminds us of the subterranean passages through the crust of the earth through which one must pass if they are to reach the land of eternal light. The Epic of Gilgamesh, though highly regarded in academic circles, is still only thought of as a pleasant mythology. I prefer to think of it as an account with some historical veracity, especially and including the part about the sacred realms within our planet.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Argentine Peso

An Argentine peso may seem innocuous enough, but let's peer a little deeper. First of all, we have to remember that the Nazis of WWII were obsessed with the occult, specifically with the idyllic 'aryan' lands of the inner world. It's well known that the Nazis established a base in Antarctica called Neu Schwabenland. To achieve their aims in Antarctica of locating the underwater passages into Agharta, they established bases in Argentina to store provisions and provide protected shipping routes. Following their catastrophic losses in Europe, there was a mass emigration of Nazi officials from Europe to safer shores and already established strongholds in countries such as Argentina. It would be naive to think that their influence in Argentina, even to this day, would go unnoticed.

With this background, let's look closer at the design on the back of the Argentinian peso. First of all it is bicolored. The silver border is surrounding a warmer gold color center where the central sun is shown. In the silver border you find the olive wreath, open at the top and bottom of the border. We'll say this represents the flora of the crust while the sun with the face obviously stands for the inner sun in the central hollow. You may take it even one step further and interpret the sun's face on the peso as an intelligent presence ... an ever watchful eye.

We all know that the powerful elite on the surface love to throw their symbols in our faces, particularly where money (the source of their power) is concerned. All one has to do is take a look at the all seeing eye on the back of the US dollar bill, or the pictographic description of the comet Elenin on the Swiss 10 franc. So, it's not much of a stretch to see depictions of the hollow earth on monies from a country that was significantly influenced by those who used that country as a staging base on their expeditions to the hollow earth.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Massive Objects Orbiting the Sun Defy Gravity

On NASA's Stereo Science Center website where they make available stereo images of the sun, a curious thing began to happen. As researchers culled over the images, they began to notice mysterious spherical, earth-sized objects in orbit around the sun, very near its surface. This confused and mystified independent researches who published their results on the web. I was one who saw the unedited images on the stereo website showing these enigmatic objects. As quickly as a stir was created, NASA pulled the images and replaced them with airbrushed versions, leaving only a faint artifact where the objects once were. When I went back to the same image I had viewed earlier, in its place was a distilled and edited copy with only a ghost of the previous artifact, barely discernable from the image's background noise.

What makes this observation curious (besides the apparent existence of a NASA cover up) is the fact that these objects orbit so close to the sun without degrading their orbit and succumbing to the sun's gravitational pull. The same concern was expressed about hot-Jupiters or ultra short period planets that orbit very close to their central star and complete a revolution in approximately one earth day, but don't experience the expected orbital drag and tidal forces that our conventional theories of gravity predict. This is a glaring loop-hole in the popular theory of gravity — the same theory of gravity which says the earth cannot be hollow. So either these objects do not exist and the earth isn't hollow, or the theory of gravity and all its supporters and proponents have made a grave error. Which is it? ... You decide.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life on Mars, the Moon and Inside the Earth

Many are loathe to think that their government would have the brashness to mislead, lie to, or conceal information from the public whom they profess to serve. The notion that governments routinely misinform the public to keep them in the dark is the most basic premise which separates "main-streamers" from "conspiracy theorists". It's getting more and more difficult, however, for the "main-streamers" to prop up their flimsy idyllic and naive reality once whistle-blowers like Ken Johnston come forward. Ken is a former National Aeronautics and Space Administration Data and Photo Control Department manager. He recently announced that NASA has been covering up ancient alien cities and the remains of amazingly advanced machinery on the moon for well over 40 years. He also indicated that the agency ordered a cover-up and forced him to participate in it and then let him go once he came forward to blow the whistle on the veil of secrecy.

He's not alone, however, as NASA scientist Gilbert Levin is accusing NASA of covering up the discovery of life on Mars since the early 1970s. NASA has routinely changed the color scale of images of the Martian sky to make it appear more red and less hospitable to organic forms of life, but this wouldn't be the first time NASA was caught red-handed doctoring or otherwise altering the original image to edit out potentially 'sensitive' information.

Now on to the subject at hand. If we can agree that the government is indeed capable of lying to or deliberately misleading the public, then it isn't a far stretch to conceive that they would attempt to conceal the evidence of the hollow earth. This scenario would become especially plausible if one were to assume that the inner world is inhabited with advanced beings that are in posession of technology which poses a threat to the systems of control and misinformation on the surface. At this point it's up to us which pill we swallow — the red or the blue pill?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Giants of the Inner Earth

Olaf Jansen, among others (the ancient Greeks), described how the inhabitants of the inner world were easily 12 to 15 feet tall. He also explains how they lived up to 1000 years. This can be easily explained as the inner world is sheltered from the harmful cosmic rays that bombard the outer surface and cause degradations of the genetic code and also make life more difficult and harsh. Before mankind reached the outer surface, they enjoyed an idyllic paradise in the inner world.

Navajo legends also explain that once the Ancient Ones descended into the inner realms to escape the cataclysms on the surface and when they reemerged many years later, they were much taller and stronger than before. This coincides perfectly with many ancient traditions and folklore from around the world.

Below are some images put together by a very talented photoshop artist of how the remains of our giant predecessors might look like (recommended by somethgblue in this video). They are only meant to stimulate the imagination and I am not suggesting they are authentic. Get a good idea of scale, however, and you will understand the magnitude of the claims surrounding our inner earth relatives!